Business Continuity

Business continuity management is a process that helps to manage any risks to the delivery of Key Security Group services and to minimise disruption to those services in the event of a major or unplanned incident.  Business continuity management will complement the any other relevant unplanned incident response to ensure we can not only deal with the immediate consequences of the unplanned incident, but also consider the long term impacts on the business and where practical, improve resilience.

Key Security Group business continuity planning is guided by the following core aims:

Protect people from harm.

Protect critical infrastructure and facilities.

Resume our key services in an appropriate timeframe, with the minimum of disruption.

Comply with the business aims and objectives.

This Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has been developed to cover the processes, activities and assets that have, following evaluation, been assessed as business critical for Key Security Group. 

This is the BCP for Key Security Group and provides an outline of the steps to be taken to effect recovery.  This document should be used to assist recovery of operations and continuation of work, following a major or unplanned incident.  This document incorporates and replaces any existing BCP’s. The sections in this BCP cover functional recovery, BCP ownership and the relationship with the unplanned incident process.  In addition, there are key third party and internal contacts specific to Key Security Group.  


The BCP Action Team (BAT) will oversee and co-ordinate the overall recovery process, and will coordinate satellite sites, suppliers, sub-contractors and administrative services as required. 

It is not intended that this BCP should be used for all disruptions to the business.  Minor disruptions should be resolved using routine management procedures.  The BAT will deal with disruptions that are regarded as unplanned incidents:


  • If the disruption is out of hours, the designated Incident Manager will notify the BAT.

  • Within working hours, the BAT will be notified as a result of the escalation process.


Allocation of resources during the management of an unplanned incident, such as workstations or facilities, is subject to change by the BAT.  The actual requirements will be determined based upon the operational priorities prevailing at the time, and the expected duration of the unplanned incident.  This BCP outlines the base requirements of Key Security Group.


During an unplanned incident, the BAT will give direction on professional and administrative service recovery to the directors.