Our management team are results focussed and monitor the performance of the business through an internally balanced scorecard. Where objectives and targets are not being met we introduce appropriate actions to bring them back on line.


We regularly seek feedback from customers, employees  and our Advisors on their strengths and development opportunities in the area of leadership. The areas for improvement are noted where appropriate and actions are taken to change behaviour.

We have established a code of ethics that are communicated throughout the organisation. The code sets the standards that are expected and states very clearly which actions should become habit, whilst emphasising the need for courtesy and professionalism at all times.

Leaders are routinely involved in improvement activity. Leaders encourage staff to provide suggestions on how we can improve the business and improve customer satisfaction. Leaders routinely encourage employee participation in improvement activity and consider employee suggestions and ideas for improvement in service delivery. Leaders offer support and guidance throughout this process. There are processes in place to recognise individual and team efforts. Verbal and written recognition are the preferred methods, although other forms of recognition ae given as appropriate.

We have established "strategic indicators" against critical areas of our business that drive continuous improvement. These indicators are comprised of customer satisfaction, staff, customer and consumer satisfaction.

Leaders have an appropriate knowledge of the legislative framework, working practice and industry standards and codes of practice for the sector and role within the organisation. We actively seek information or advice to ensure we are working to the most current and up to date legislation and industry standards. All leaders have taken the online business licensing tests.

Leaders are involved in the development of policies and procedures. We are actively involved in ensuring they are implemented in the relevant parts of the organisation and are continuously reviewed and improved.

Our managers and directors responsible for processes and key personnel within the business understand the links between the procedures and how they work together to deliver the plans for the business. They actively ensure they are fully implemented in a manner reflecting our values.