Toolbox Talk - Alcohol & Drugs

Overview        This talk will cover: the effects of alcohol and drugs on your safety and others.




1        In a high-risk industry like ours, alcohol and work are not compatible.

2        Alcohol is a depressant drug, which depresses parts of the brain function. When working on site you require all of your brain functions to save you from injury.

3        If you’re found to be intoxicated with drink, you won’t be allowed on site. You may end up losing your job.

4        Don’t get drunk the night before and expect to work safely on site the next day. Alcohol takes time to work out of your system (1 pint of beer takes approximately 2 hours).



5        50% of all drivers killed are over the legal limit.

6        If you drink, don’t drive.

7        Some workplace fatal accidents are alcohol-related.

8        Keep your head clear – leave your drinking sessions to social events, where you can’t cause injury to yourself or others.

9        Get a bad reputation for drinking and you may not get another job as you’ll be seen as a liability.





1        You are far more likely to have an accident on site when you are under the influence of drugs.

2        Drugs prescribed by your doctor could make you unfit for work, as can illegal drugs.

3        You may feel you don’t have a drug problem – it’s got nothing to do with you.  But if you get hurt, it’s a bit late to wonder what the other person was on.

4        If you know somebody is on drugs, tell your supervisor – help to stamp it out.

5        Signs to look for, watery eyes, pinpoint or dilated pupils, running nose, constant sniffing, tight lips, sores, ulcers, trembling, fatigue and irritability. If you see it, report it.


6        All drugs can affect your ability to work safely.

7        Some effects of drugs: slow reaction times, clumsiness, poor decision-making and distorted vision.

8          Don’t take ‘E’s – ‘E’ stands for ‘Ex-employee’.

9        If you get offered drugs, say no, you’d rather work safely!

10      Drugs and work don’t mix.  Don’t let it become a problem.


Note to supervisor:  Now inform your workforce of the company policy regarding alcohol and drug abuse.