K7 provides a range of supporting services to support its development of management systems. Internal auditing, compliance planning, improvement planning, benchmarking and system reviewing are all tailored solutions to suit. K7 also offers expertise in personal data management and the General Data Protection Regulation as well as health and safety competence and qualifications.

K7 also works in partnerships developing systems, standards and other compliance solutions. Whether it be auditing for the BSI, developing management systems through Integral or developing codes of practice with  the University of Salford. K7 Compliance will always add value to whatever we are working on.

K7 Compliance Ltd was formed in 2014 by the present Director. With a long history of developing, improving and assessing management systems, K7 wanted to develop innovative solutions that didn't just provide accreditation solutions, but embraced best practice and innovative solutions that add true value to the customer.


Introducing a framework for compliance and improvement can be both complex and costly. K7 develops management systems that are both innovative and accessible. Utilising "business compliance tools" K7 ensures that as well as accessing the management systems, they can utilise the tools to enable compliance planning. Auditing, customer complaint handling, incident reporting and compliance planning are all feature s of the online management system platform.

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