Our management team are results focussed and monitor the performance of the business through an internally balanced scorecard. Where objectives and targets are not being achieved we introduce appropriate actions to bring them back on line.

We have appointed a Data Protection Officer (Compliance Partner) who is responsible for advising he management team on data protection and information management. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) will liaise with the ICO, as appropriate and ensure adequate and proportionate training and awareness is provided to all staff, and where appropriate, other interested parties. The DPO will report on the performance of the ISMS & PIMS. 

Leaders are routinely involved in improvement activity. Leaders encourage staff to provide suggestions on how we can improve our approach to ISMS & PIMS. We routinely encourage employee participation in improvement activity and consider employee suggestions and ideas for improvement in service delivery. Leaders offer support and guidance throughout this process. There are processes in place to recognise individual and team efforts. Verbal and written recognition are the preferred methods, although other forms of recognition ae given as appropriate.