Key Security Group is registeres with BAFE as an approved company under BAFE SP203-1 for Fire Detection & Alarm Systems. We are approved under all 4 modules of the scheme and make use of the BAFE logo on our documentation.

Key Security Group also holds certification under the security system product schemes for intruder alarms, CCTV and access control under Key Fire & Security Ltd and hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 across all the group activities, including the mobile services division.

Key Security Group holds sufficient insurance for its service provision.

Key Security Group has adequate resources in place to effectively manage the business and ensure the health and safety of iys staff and those affected by its operations. All equipment is maintained and calibrated as appropriate. We have an appropriate amount of company vehicles that are regularly maintained and kitted out with the appropriate tools and equipment as well as a suitable amount of spare parts to cover replacements on site. PPE is provided and regularly checked. We do not install fixed spurs.

Key Security Group has access to the fire and security standards and codes of practice as well as the NPCC & CFOA policies. We are aware of the legislation that applies to our Products and services are no access to the legislation through the government website. We also get regular updates from other organisations, such as the SSAIB, CCAS, BAFE, SIA. we also have access to manufacturers insructions for products and technical specifications.

Key Security Group retains records of its activities. Appropriate records are produced, held and stored for the various processes and procedures. These include (but are not limited to):


  • Training records (7 years after service)

  • Screening records (7 years after service)

  • Right to work records (7 years after service)

  • Licensing records (7 years after service)

  • Concessions & Variations (1 year)Appraisals and inspection records (3 years or until an individual has lef

  • Contract records (includes – survey, design, quotations, contracts, specifications, amendments, system records, commissioning and handover documents, as fitted drawings, maintenance records, performance data etc) are held for the life of the contract plus a minimum of 2 years except for fire system design, commissioning and testing documents where the BAFE SP203 requirement is 12 years.

  • Keyholder activation records (1 year)

  • Accidents and incidents, including near misses (5 years)

  • Customer and employee feedback data (2 years)

  • Compliance and occurrence logs (3 years)

  • Check call records (1 year)

  • Environmental waste notices, where required (1 year)

  • Management review and Internal Audit records (2 years)

  • Contract and service level agreement records data (2 years)

  • Planning permission for new buildings/extensions – indefinite.

  • Risk assessments and method statements, where appropriate (2 years)

Secure back-up arrangements are in place for all records held in electronic form. Arrangements have also been made with our infrastructure provider (Continuum 247, PIR) to ensure that data is securely stored. Details of these arrangements can be found in our business continuity plan.