All staff are screened in accordance with BS 7858. Where appropriate and as directed, additional police checks will be undertaken. All staff are in possession of ID cards which are logged on a register with an expiry date. These are regularly checked during supervisory visits and audits.

An organisation chart, showing the structure of the organisation, is available. The size and nature of our business allows for a relatively flat hierarchical management organisation. 
Overall responsibility for and ownership of the various processes and procedures used by Key Security Group is shown in the relevant document text, although, the Managing Director has the overall responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of the business management system.

The Senior Management Team determine general responsibilities and authorities for management personnel. Appropriate details are provided within relevant job descriptions and in the process or guidance documents for the particular division.

Specific requirements for electronic security and fire systems are specified below:

a)    Nominated Designer (Head of Systems)

The tasks of “Nominated Designer” includes:

  • Ensuring that the content of quotations and system design specification are compatible with the requirements of the appropriate Technical Standards and SSAIB Codes of Practice.Being the focal point for the matters of the design of systems

  • designs on behalf of Key Security Group.Signing off

  • Being a “Process Owner” for the business process of converting enquiries into sales.

  • Being conversant with and updating company activities in respect of new technologies, regulatory standards, EU Directives etc that are relevant to the design process.

  • Being conversant with system requirements such that design specifications are professionally compiled and finalised in a manner that gives clear and unambiguous information to the customer, the installing and the commissioning engineers.

b)    False Alarms Manager (FAM) (Head of Systems)

An Executive is appointed who is responsible for Systems Performance.  The tasks of the FAM include:

The effective monitoring of designs and installations to ensure that:

  • Specifications meet the requirements of company policies.Specifications do not call for systems that are likely to generate abnormally high unwanted alarm rates.

  • Standards and Code of Practice are being maintained during installation, commissioning & handover.

  • Customer documentation standards are being maintained during installation, commissioning & handover.

  • Training standards for customers are maintained.

  • The effective monitoring of preventative maintenance procedures.

  • The effective monitoring of demands for corrective maintenance.

  • The effective monitoring of equipment suitability

  • The effective monitoring of Key Security Group unwanted & false alarm policy:

  • Collection, reporting and analysis of Unwanted & False Alarm statistics and their cause and resolution

  • Identification of treatment of ‘rogue’ systems

  • Identification of troublesome equipment and practic

  • Effective liaison with Police Forces & Fire Brigades and their policies.

  • The effective monitoring of evaluation trials on new equipment (where appropriate) with particular reference to unwanted & false alarms.

  • Adherence to the relevant Code of Practice and/or British Standard on the Management of

  • Unwanted & False Alarms.

Although there is no longer a requirement for a management representative, we have identified the Managing Director as the person responsible for ensuring the development, maintenance and improvement of the integrated management system. He is supported by the Compliance Manager and is responsible for the following:


  • Ensuring that all processes are identified and included in the IMS and that the IMS is implemented and maintained 

  • Reporting to the Management Team on the effectiveness of the IMS and for providing recommendations on improvement

  • Conducting internal audits and chairing management reviews

  • Overseeing operational guidance development and maintenance

  • Advising on matters of quality, health and safety  and environmental issues

  • Liaising with 3rd party certification bodies Promoting the awareness of customer’s needs and requirements

All our staff are suitably trained to the relevant standards for fire and security installation and maintenance and hold the relevant health and safety certifications to do their jobs.