We have determined the internal and external resource requirements relavent to our quality management system. We have adequate human resources in place to meet current service delivery requirements. We also have contingencies in place for any increase in workload. 

We have in place a sound infrastructure to support service delivery. Our offices in Ossett are fit for purpose and we utilise technological solutions for deployment. Other equipment is purchased as necessary. Communication is generally through mobile telephone. All equipment is suitably maintained. Although fire risk assessment is the responsibility of the landlord we have conducted a general risk assessment of the office and determined our own safety measures.

Through risk assessment we ensure the work environments in which we operate are suitable. We risk assess both the office environment and the sites in which we deploy security officers.

Organizational knowledge has been established and to the extent necessary. We have operated in the industry for a number of years and understand where to gain knowledge in a changing market. We utilise the services of an Advisor who supports our business and strengthens our knowledge round the industry and market plan. We utilise other external knowledge trough standards, industry publications, seminars and conferences.

We have determined the competence requirements for our business. As a minimum, staff must have attained a minimum level of training in order to meet licensing requirements. We also provide training in order to increase the competence of our staff during induction, on the job assignment training and refresher training. Other training such as SIA licence training is also encouraged. Records of training and competence are retained as documented information within the employee files.

We utilise induction, site visits and performance evaluations for making staff aware of particular policies and objectives. Communication is generally informal, although staff understand that communication goes through the Directors of the business. As a relatively small organisation communication is simple with most  directives coming from the Directors, including customer communication. A process is in place for adverse publicity that is contained within the employee handbook.

Other than the documented information required by law, our customers, ISO 9001 and ACS we shall only use documented information where it is essential to improve service delivery or process effectiveness. All documented information shall be suitably controlled through issue status and recorded on a documentation register.