We have determined our key service delivery processes and the resources required to execute them, consistently. We have put in place adequate controls to reduce risks and maximise the likelihood of the key service delivery processes achieving their intended outcomes. 

We ensure our customers are aware of our service offering, through completing customer qualification questionnaires and through our website. Enquiries and orders are handled effectively, with any changes documented and confirmed with the customer. Where applicable, customer property is handled with care. Any damage is reported through the action tracker and the customer notified immediately. Contingencies actions are established where appropriate, particularly when the protection of customer assets are affected. Additional licence staff are available. Customer feedback is obtained to ensure that customer requirements are being met or exceeded.

We have determined the requirements for our services, including the legal requirements under the PSIA 2001 and other relevant legislation for health and safety and employment law. We market our services on the basis that we are able to deliver them. We review all customer enquiries to ensure we are able to provide the service legally, profitably and safely. Where we can't provide a service legally, safely and profitably we will decline the order or contract. Contracts will be reviewed against original quotations and where there is a discrepancy, a resolution with the customer shall be found. We will require an email, contract or other form of documented information before mobilising a contract. In the absence of any written confirmation from the customer, we shall provide written confirmation ourselves, normally by email.

Although we don't currently use sub-contracted labour we do control our externally provided products and services. Some processes are sub-contracted, such as internal auditing that is conducted by our Compliance Partner, who also chairs our management review. An approved supplier list has been established that identifies the supplier and the results of evaluation. Ongoing monitoring and annual supplier reviews are undertaken to ensure suppliers continue to meet our requirements. Control is commensurate with risk. 

When purchasing products and services, documented information shall be retained of the purchase, including any specification, required delivery date, special requirements. Changes shall also be documented. Non-conforming product or service shall be documented, investigated, analysed and actioned. Records shall be retained through the Action Tracker.

All contracts shall be mobilised in accordance with the service delivery processes and the relevant codes of practice. Work shall be scheduled, including the security officer completing the shift. Licences shall be checked for status to ensure that legal requirements are met. Site documentation shall be established which will include any arrangements for check calls, assignment instruction, risk assessment and site log book. Other equipment and resources shall be mobilised including any customer provided equipment. Site visits are conducted ensure that services are meeting customer requirements and security officers are working safely and legally. Documented information shall be retained in the form of site visit reports. Post contract activity is aimed at customer, consumer and staff feedback. Records of feedback will be retained.

Non-conforming outputs are identified, documented, investigated  and actioned through Action Tracker.  Where appropriate, the customer or other interested party will be notified.