The requirements are established as part of the “Sales, Survey & Design” process when both the customer’s needs and the statutory requirements (British, European Standards, Codes of Practice, ACS, SSAIB, BAFE requirements) are taken into account. This tendering and design stage provides for:

  • A suitably competent person to look at the proposed fire or security solution and determine the means and resources on how the solution may be achieved. This may involve visits to site, review of documentation and photographs. 

  • This tendering stage provides for the involvement of a trained Designer to ensure that all features of the site (including any existing system) are taken into account. 

  • For in house Fire System design work, this will always include a visit to the customer’s premises by the “Nominated Designer” although an initial and provisional design may be carried out from a review of new building plans. Final “sign off” of the system design specification will not occur until after this site visit has taken place.

  • Where the design or the design & installation of Fire Systems have been carried out by third parties then checks will be made to ensure that either the work has been carried out by BAFE approved companies or where this is not the case to ensure that the work has been undertaken to a satisfactory standard.

  • A resolution with the customer of any uncertainties in their requirements before any offer is made.

  • For Fire Systems, clear statements by Key Security Group on the Category of system proposed, the Verification Process and, where appropriate, details of the areas to be protected and any specific proposals for the type(s) of detector to be fitted.

  • For Security Systems, clear statements of any imposed requirements, e.g. any limitations on the sending of Intruder Alarm signalling confirmation etc.

  • A resolution with the customer of any uncertainties in their requirements before any quotation is offered.

  • All matters relating to health and safety  have been considered, location, level of risk, lone working etc.

  • any environmental aspects of its activities and services that it can control and those Review of service delivery requirements 

  • All quotations are reviewed by suitably qualified staff prior to them being submitted. This will include:

  • A design review (when design is a requirement) and a review of the specification. (Note: The final “sign off” of a Fire System design specification will not occur until after the Nominated Designer has carried out a site survey). 

  • A review of the undertaking of works provided. 

  • A review of the commercial conditions applied to the contract.

  • A review of resource needs.

  • health and safety and environmental controls related to purchased goods, equipment and services

A further check is made on receipt of the signed contract from the customer to ensure that everything is still in order. If the customer accepts the offer verbally, but fails, for whatever reason to return the signed copies of the contract, the Head of Service (or designate) will write and confirm the verbal order.  A record of these reviews will be maintained. Any changes required during the work will be formally agreed and a record of the agreements and the changes retained.