As an organisation providing security services we have embarked upon achieving a strategic direction in line with our vision and mission outlined on our website and within this management system. In order to achieve our goals and objectives we have identified the internal and external issues that might affect our management system achieving its intended outcomes. Internal and external issues are fluid and change from time to time. Our approach is to be reactive, but aware, changing our approach to business when a particular issue changes or a new issue appears. We have highlighted a list of what we believe currently affect us achieving our strategic aims and objectives:

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Key Security Group understand its compliance obligations and has a broad level of knowledge and information within the business to ensure that we operate within the confines of any regulatory requirement or any needs of interested parties.

To enable us to continue to meet legislative and interested party need, we have developed a legal register that undergoes regular review. We also utilise the services of our Compliance Partner.