As an organisation providing security services we have embarked upon achieving a strategic direction in line with our vision and mission outlined on our website and within this management system. In order to achieve our goals and objectives we have identified the internal and external issues that might affect our management system achieving its intended outcomes. Internal and external issues are fluid and change from time to time. Our approach is to be reactive, but aware, changing our approach to business when a particular issue changes or a new issue appears. We have highlighted a list of what we believe currently affect us achieving our strategic aims and objectives:

Internal Issues


  • values – the values of K7 are ingrained in our staff and ensure we satisfy customer requirements. Honesty, integrity, transparency, customer first and staff safety are all values we hold dear that are important in us achieving our strategic direction.

  • knowledge – holding knowledge around the business, the industry and the area is key to K7 and we are constantly learning. Having expertise around us is essential, so it is important we have our Compliance Partner on board. Other knowledge gained through forums, business reviews, customer and site visits, networking and other meetings and training courses are essential. Understanding the industry ensures opportunities are exploited.

  • performance – the performance of our business is critical to its development and sustainability. Results are not solely financial, but operational and process. A strategic scorecard ensures we monitor performance on a regular basis.


External Issues


  • legal – future possibility of business licensing likely to have an impact on the way we do business. Future licensing of businesses may bring opportunity by cleansing the industry from undesirable businesses, but may also include risks associated with the business licensing criteria. Other risks associated with legislation relate to GDPR (May 2018) and the work required to be compliant, maintaining current licensing requirements through regular checks on licences.

  • market place – very competitive market place which we operate in. We have a mature business and solid reputation. We are able to transport and replicate our business model to other areas and markets.. Risks come from over reliance on other security providers who can dictate pricing and credit terms. Opportunities arise from the need of larger organisations to sub-contract to more specialised mobile services providers, like KSG.

  • social and economic – social and economic climate sees a declining police force and rising crime, particularly in the more serious and violent crime, including terrorism. Such a climate demands private security working in partnership with the police. Certain areas of the country have particular issues which means a need for private security in those areas. House building and infrastructure improvement normally mean an increase in requirement for security and we shall watch out for opportunities.

  • competition – very competitive market place, vying for the same contracts mean prices are driven down and larger security providers can play one against the other. Having accreditation improves our chances against some of our competitors, but most competition has the same ACS. Having other accreditations will hopefully be another differentiator between us and our competitors.

  • technology – the advent of increased CCTV as a more cost-effective measure than a static guard. The increased security technology may have a long term impact on static guarding and even mobile services, particularly in light of more intelligent and integrated security systems, the advent of security robotics and the evolution of cyber crime will all have an impact on the future of the industry.


Interested Parties

  • customers – quality service, delivered on time at a realistic price

  • staff – paid equitably on time, safety at work, equipment to do the job, supervision, instructions, rules and regulations

  • certification bodies – meeting the requirements of standards, openness and honesty

  • regulators – meeting the requirements of standards, reporting on particular regulatory issues

  • insurers – risk management, business continuity

  • public – trained staff, reporting suspicious behaviour, acting responsibly

  • suppliers – payment on time of invoices

Scope of our Quality Management System 

“The Provision of Static Guarding, CCTV Management & Operation, Mobile Services, including Keyholding, Lone Worker Response and Vacant Property Protection & The Design, Installation, Maintenance and Commissioning of Electronic Fire and Security Systems”

We provide our services to customers across the country. We comply with all clauses in all standards and have no exclusions.We have considered the internal and external issues mentioned in organizational context as well as our interested parties.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Key Security Group understand its compliance obligations and has a broad level of knowledge and information within the business to ensure that we operate within the confines of any regulatory requirement or any needs of interested parties.

To enable us to continue to meet legislative and interested party need, we have developed a legal register that undergoes regular review. We also utilise the services of our Compliance Partner.