We have identified the key information relevant to the business. Screening, mobilisation, deployment and payroll are all identifiable through the system and the information is delivered to employees in a timely manner.

We have developed a quality management system that has been built upon the requirements of industry and national standards. We have established a document register that identifies all documentation in the management system, whether paper or electronic.

We comply with the data protection act and have obtained a date protection licence. The licence number is ZA136641.

Key information is stored in accordance with legal requirements. Although we are moving towards a paperless office environment, the majority of historical records are retained in lockable cabinets at head office. Electronic data and records are stored in the cloud and subject to their security requirements. We are currently reviewing our options regarding the General Data Protection Act.

We have in place a rental contract for the premises. The contract is annual and reviewed during that period. Administrative offices are fit for purpose. Our administrative offices and operational centre is fit for purpose and secure. The work environment has been assessed and is effectively managed. An office risk assessment has been conducted by a competent person. We don’t currently have a control room as there is no current requirement for check calls. Current arrangements for check calls lie with the customer for current contracts.    

All equipment is appropriate for the purpose to which it has been allocated. There is a schedule for the maintenance of all equipment that is applied to all equipment. PAT testing of electrical equipment shall be conducted, when due. Service enhancing technology is used to improve service delivery to customers and safety for employees. We actively encourage the adoption of proven servicing enhancing technology by customers to improve service delivery and ensure the safety of our employees. 

We regularly review how we manage resources and whether they are adequate for our business needs.