We currently work to BS7858 in relation to our vetting and screening activities. Interviews for all potential recruits are conducted, documented and retained for one year. Recruitment records are maintained for all employees. We currently use a 3rd party screening company to conduct screening on our behalf.

There is a well defined training and development policy and supporting procedures in place. They apply to all employees and are fully implemented. All employees are aware of the policies and procedures that relate to training and development. There are procedures in place to monitor the extent of their implementation and employee awareness. We have established an induction pack that has been communicated to all staff. Induction is carried out for all new employees and follows a standard format. Records of all inductions are documented and retained in employee files. 

Training needs are normally discussed during site visits but formally discussed during the annual appraisal process. A training matrix has been established that identifies the desired training programme and any training conducted is documented within the matrix. An individual training record is also held for each member of staff. All other employees are given adequate job training for the roles in which they are deployed. Refresher training is conducted annually and competence determined. Any areas for improvement are identified and discussed during the annual appraisal. in supervisory positions are given specific training relating to the skills required for leadership. Particular training has been conducted in site visiting, appraisal and communication skills such as toolbox talks. Upon recruitment of frontline licensable employees, the organisation conducts a skills assessment to identify their immediate training needs. Where new frontline licensable employees are employed with a pre-existing licence- linked qualification, the organisation tests the employee’s competence in the licence linked training. Employees new to an assignment location are kept under supervision for the appropriate duration of their on-assignment induction. Where shifts are worked the supervision encompasses a number of shifts. As a company we value employee opinions and as such have in place informal feedback mechanism’s that ask questions of our employees on what they think of KSG. We use the feedback provided to manipulate our processes and procedures accordingly. Where appropriate, customer feedback is solicited for frontline employees. Feedback is given to those employees in a timely manner. Exceptional performance is communicated through a company letter.