Our Mission

“Dedicated to the provision of ethical, innovative and bespoke compliance solutions”

We have adopted an approach to business that is communicated to and acted upon by all of our staff, sub-contractors and suppliers. Our approach to business is clear and unambiguous, respectful of others and corporate socially responsible. Our aim is to meet the needs of our customers, through a sustainable and ethical approach to business, whilst making a profit that benefits all of our stakeholders.

Our approach to business is ethical and we shall work with others to:

  • eradicate modern slavery

  • have a positive impact on the environment

  • remove child exploitation

  • support the UK counter terrorism approach

We shall establish policies, procedures and awareness programmes to support our approach and make information available to staff and other key stakeholders to improve our overall approach.

We work in partnerships with customers and other key stakeholders and ensure that they are aware of our overall approach to business. Where appropriate we ask the how well our approach is applied and whether we can change it or improve it.

We have established a plan for the business that sets out our overall objectives and targets. Objectives and targets will be aligned with our critical success factors and internal performance indicators. The plan will be periodically reviewed and updated to reflect any changes to our overall business context. Any results, lessons learned or benchmarking will be reflected in the plan and where appropriate measures added or changed, including any changes to targets. Results including any benchmarking will be recorded in a strategic scorecard.

We have established processes and procedures to ensure that we are working to industry standards and in particular those standards that relate to our services provided. we shall conduct audits to verify that these standards and codes of practice are being applied effectively. Where able, we shall work with others to effect changes for the better within the security industry.

We shall apply effective internal and external communication channels with our staff, customers and other stakeholders. We shall ensure information is relevant, accurate and provided in a timely fashion. We shall have in place procedures for managing both adverse publicity and positive publicity whether through the mainstream media, social media channels or face to face. Responsibilities for communication, and in particular who, what, where and when shall be established. 

"Critical Success Factors"

  • satisfied clients and customera   range of products and services to meet market needs

  • effective leadership

  • highly effective and motivated people 

  • a culture of continuous improvement   effective financial and management systems

  • access to adequate financial and human resources

  • strong alliances with selected business partners

  • sound health and safety and environmental operations 

  • profitable contract wins

  • effective processes and procedures