In order to understand our customer requirements and to ascertain our overall performance, we have regular meetings with our customers. Meetings are normally documented. Performance against established criteria is measured.

We adopt a process approach to business and have established our key delivery processes that are documented in the form of written processes and flowcharts. Process performance criteria is established and regularly monitored. Assignment and operational instructions have also been documented to ensure a consistent approach to service delivery. Audits against all requirements are conducted, including un-announced checks by Supervision. 

K7 Compliance Ltd has established a documented business continuity plan that outlines the risks to our business and a means to reducing that risk. Communication, IT, severe weather, loss of key customer and loss of key member of staff have all been classified as risks. We periodically test our plan, particularly the high risk elements, to ensure it remains effective.


We are aware of our responsibilities for the protection of the public. We have identified what those roles are and how they interface with the police and other organisations and have communicated them to our staff through regular discussions. We monitor the awareness of impact through site meetings.

Although it is often difficult to have written agreements with customers, we send out contracts to all our customers. Contractually, we may work from a customer purchase order that identifies our terms of contract and the requirements for the particular contract.  Although we work to customer expectations, we monitor our performance against agreed requirements through the customer visit form.

In line with customer requirements, we have established incident reporting procedures that ensure that all incidents on site are documented. Occurrences are normally documented in the occurrence log, with more serious incidents documented on a separate incident report form. Incidents are reported to customers immediately. We have established a lone worker policy that ensures that all staff are required to confirm their attendance on customer sites. Where lone working has been established it is the policy of the company to undertake hourly check calls. Records of these check calls are retained and are routinely reviewed by the management. Missed check call protocols are in place and documented in the emergency section of the assignment instructions.

In order to deliver continual improvement, we have established an action tracker that ensures that improvements are planned and prioritised. Annual management reviews are held to review the business and improvement plans are formalised.

Procedures have been established to manage the implementation of change to processes that are relevant to the type and impact of the change. These include communicating the change to the relevant employees, training as appropriate and the maintenance of document version control.

Performance against targets is reviewed on a contract by contract basis. Measures cover all key aspects of the services provided to customers. Reasons for shortfalls in performance are understood and actions identified.