Although we only have a limited number of suppliers, we select those suppliers on their ability to satisfy certain requirements. Price, quality, environmental performance are key considerations in the selection process. We only have a very limited number of suppliers and act when they are not meeting our requirements. Authorisation levels have been established for purchasing.We periodically speak with our suppliers when resolving issues or negotiating new requirements. Where suppliers are consistently not meeting our requirements we look to find alternative solutions for that particular product. In all cases, suppliers will be written too, to advise them of the reasons for removing them from our approved suppliers list.

As part of our tendering process, we offer customers professional advice on how to meet their needs. We have established a generic risk assessment that identifies common risks on similar sites and conduct more dynamic risks particular to that site. Risk assessments are conducted by competent persons, who have the relevant knowledge, experience and/or qualifications to do so. The site survey form is used to document any other risks.


We have established an enquiry and sales process that identifies the relevant stages for responding to tenders and requests. Where appropriate, pre-tender visits, risk assessments and site meetings are held. Quotations are prepared and sent to the customer challenging any mobilisation issues that arise. Tender submissions are monitored to conclusion. The Managing Director is responsible for identifying new opportunities and bringing in new business. Referrals and building relationships with existing customers is the preferred method of increasing business, although expanding in to new markets is also high on our priority list. We intend to highlight the benefits of using an approved contractor, when approved.


A dedicated Supervisor is responsible for conducting the majority of site visits. Site visits are done at random, but conducted at least every 2 weeks. Customer visits are conducted at least monthly by the Managing Director. All visits are documented.

We have fully implemented a customer complaints procedure that has been rolled out to all staff. Complaints are documented on the Incident Management Register and actions, both corrective and preventive are applied to resolve the issue. We try and close down complaints within 48 hours of receipt and notify our customers of the outcome. Complaints are reviewed at our management review meetings. As a business, we don't differentiate between customers and consumers and try to treat all feedback in the same manner. Consumer feedback is normally conducted on a more informal basis as and when available.Our approach to consumer contact is very informal. All employees are given ongoing instructions on the correct way to deal effectively with the consumer and how to manage any feedback.

Customer opinions are regularly obtained and reviewed on a customer by customer basis. Reasons for shortfalls in performance are understood and actions are implemented as a result of that review.