We have determined the resource requirements relevant to our environmental management system. We have adequate human resources in place to meet our environmental requirements and ensure that staff are competent for the roles they are deployed in. Where required, additional training will be provided to fulfill any particular environmental requirement.

Staff are made aware of expectations with regard to contributing to our environmental management system. The environmental policy, environmental objectives and our environmental aspects and impacts are communicated through the notice board with periodic updates to staff in the field and in the regions. staff are advised of the implications of not meeting their environmental compliance obligations. A video is available to staff for induction around ISO 14001.

Internal and external reporting and communication channels have been established that allow us to effectively communicate. A matrix for communication has been established that shows the main responsibilities for communication, the relevant topics and how it is communicated. Where appropriate documented information is retained.

Where appropriate, documented information will be made available. This will result from a particular business need, a legal requirement or an improvement to our environmental management system. As a minimum the following documented information will be held:

  • ​aspects and impacts

  • environmental policy

  • waste notices

  • supplier registrations

  • training and competence records

  • legal register

  • COSHH assessments

  • environmental results

Documented information shall be retained on our server for 5 years. Personal data, such as training records shall be retained for as long is necessary. 

Documented information shall be appropriately controlled through our internal document library. Dates and issue numbers will identify the particular status of the documented information