Environmental Aspects and Impacts

We have established the environmental aspects of our operation that we can control and influence and the associated environmental impacts, giving consideration to a life cycle perspective.

We have considered any future changes to the business and have considered any unplanned events that may occur now or in the future. We consider the following as environmental aspects:

  • General Awareness

  • Mobile Services Vehicle & Fuel Usage

  • Water Use through Cleaning Vehicles

  • Paper use

  • Consumables

  • Redundant IT & Equipment Disposal

  • Used paper disposal

  • Used consumables disposal

  • Waste food packaging

  • Electricity & gas use

We do not have any significant environmental aspects at present and do not foresee anything in the future,

We understand our compliance obligations and how they relate to risks and opportunities for the business and have given them consideration when developing our environmental management system. We have compiled a legal register that establishes the environmental legislation applicable to our operations and outlines what we need to consider.