Risk-based thinking


By considering risk throughout the environmental management system and all of our processes the likelihood of achieving our stated environmental objectives is improved, output is more consistent 

Risk-based thinking:

  • improves governance

  • establishes a proactive culture of environmental improvement 

  • assists with statutory and regulatory compliance

  • assures the EMS that it can achieve its intended outcome

  • improves customer confidence and satisfaction with our EMS


Risk based thinking is not new and something we do as a matter of course, ensures greater knowledge of risks and improves preparedness, increases the probability of reaching objectives and reduces the probability of negative results.

We shall document risks and opportunities when appropriate and shall consider risk and opportunity when embarking on new environmental ventures, taking on new contracts, implementing new environmental processes or technologies and meeting new environmental legal requirements.

Environmental Aspects and Impacts

We have established the environmental aspects of our operation that we can control and influence and the associated environmental impacts, giving consideration to a life cycle perspective.

We have considered any future changes to the business and have considered any unplanned events that may occur now or in the future. We consider the following as environmental aspects:

  • General Awareness

  • Mobile Services Vehicle & Fuel Usage

  • Water Use through Cleaning Vehicles

  • Paper use

  • Consumables

  • Redundant IT & Equipment Disposal

  • Used paper disposal

  • Used consumables disposal

  • Waste food packaging

  • Electricity & gas use

We do not have any significant environmental aspects at present and do not foresee anything in the future,

We understand our compliance obligations and how they relate to risks and opportunities for the business and have given them consideration when developing our environmental management system. We have compiled a legal register that establishes the environmental legislation applicable to our operations and outlines what we need to consider.

Environmental Objectives and Planning to Achieve them

We have established environmental objectives at all levels of our organisation. Our objectives are consistent with our IMS policy and take into account the particular environmental regulatory requirements that are relevant to our operations. Objectives have targets, are mostly measurable. They are monitored on a regular basis. We have created a strategic scorecard that enables us to measure our performance against environmental objectives. Environmental objectives are communicated and updated accordingly.


When planning how to achieve environmental objectives we shall ensure that responsibility is designated and adequate resources are made available for achievement.

Environmental Objectives

reduce our carbon footprint score by 5%

zero environmental incidents

zero environmental complaints

reduction in plastics 

100% re-cycling of ink cartridges

100% re-cycling of paper and cardboard

maintaining ISO 14001

partnering on 1 environmental project/initiative

environmental awareness training to all staff