We will determine opportunities for improvement and implement any necessary actions to improve ISMS & PIMS performance. We will work with customers and other interested parties to improve services, protect information and safeguard personal data. We shall understand future needs and expectations and align our security accordingly..

We shall improve as an organisation by correcting, preventing or reducing undesired effects and by improving the performance and effectiveness of the ISMS & PIMS.

We shall seek out continual improvement through technology, smarter working, innovation and partnership working. When a nonconformity occurs, including any arising from complaints, we shall:react to the nonconformity and take action to control and correct it. Non-conformance will be analysed to determine root cause and prevent repetition. Risks and opportunities shall be updated and any changes to the ISMS & PIMS applied. Documented information will be retained. We shall endeavour to continually improve the ISMS & PIMS.