Corrective maintenance is of key importance in maintaining customer’s confidence; by demonstrating the company’s ability and by showing that the service provided gives value for money.

To this end Key Security Group will communicate well with the customer, ensuring we  carry out the work thoroughly, ensuring that all aspects of the system problem(s) are thoroughly addressed. Where appropriate the false/unwanted alarm history should be carefully reviewed and every attempt made to find the root cause of any problem. 

Customers shall be made aware of any disruptive work that might have to be carried out (e.g. activating the alarm warning devices) before we commence such work and establish that they are happy for Key Security group to carry it out.  All Engineers are made aware and take heed of any guidelines contained in Regulatory Publications.

Key Security Group will identify the problem and diagnose the root cause and correction to the problem. Where appropriate, corrective action will be carried out to avoid recurrence. The customer shall be kept informed throughout the process and not proceed with any works until authorization has been granted.

On completion of the work it is important to advise the customer that you have completed the work, ensure that he is satisfied, obtain his signature on the Inspection & Servicing Checklist and Certificate and advise them of any outstanding issues or any aspect where you have concerns (e.g. changes to the building use or structure which could have an effect on the working of the system).