Commissioning, verification and handover of fire and security systems will be conducted as follows:

The system complies with the original spec/design & the use of the building has not changed.
The ‘as fitted’ drawing, to the best of my knowledge, accurately reflects the building structure.
Systems have been installed to meet the requirements of a particular fire or security category
Variations to the defined category have been identified and the schedule of variations agreed by the client & a nominated designer 
Cables meet requirements for standard/enhanced/mixed
Cables are segregated as required and suitably supported (where visibly checked)
Cables are mechanically protected as required
Junction boxes are correctly labelled and identified on drawings (where visibly checked)
All cable insulation & continuity resistance measurements are logged
All cable penetrations are sleeved and fire stopped (where visibly checked)
Mains supply is dedicated, non-switched, correctly fused and labelled
Mains supply is correctly identified at ALL distribution boards
Standby battery verification has been carried out for ALL power supplies
All batteries are clearly marked and labelled with date of installation
Field wiring is labelled and correctly terminated in all control & ancillary equipment
ALL detection, MCPs, warning & ancillary devices have been tested for control operation and results of the tests have been recorded
Line isolators are fitted as appropriate, operate correctly and are marked on drawings
Cause & effect on the system has been tested and results of the tests have been recorded
Provision of sounder circuits is appropriate & pressure levels have been documented
FAP controls have been checked & cable open circuit & short circuit tests carried out.
Detector type and spacing is appropriate to the system category
MCPs are located correctly and travel distances does not exceed 45m.
Remote signalling has been checked for correct operation to ARC
Zone charts have been fitted in all appropriate locations, as appropriate
“As fitted” drawings are complete, show all fire devices and cable routes.
User handbook and operating instructions have been issued to the “responsible person”
The “responsible person” has been adequately trained in the use of the system
Premises have been left in a tidy condition and all surplus materials and equipment removed from site.