Key Security Group purchases both equipment and services.  Standard purchase orders are used for the procurement of equipment.  Appropriate documentation is put in place to cover the purchasing of such services such as sub-contractors, alarm receiving centres etc.


Key Security Group has implemented a process related to the purchasing of goods and services used, and health and safety controls related to purchased goods, equipment and services, and communicates applicable procedures and requirements to suppliers, including sub-contractors.

Purchase requirements will be approved by staff members allocated this responsibility and will in normal circumstances be placed with previously approved suppliers. Where the use of an existing approved supplier is not possible, then the Managing Director (or designate) can approve the use of a non-approved supplier.  In these circumstances, however, adequate safeguards and checks are put in place to ensure that the quality of the end product or service is not put in jeopardy.

Key Security Group carries out an evaluation, using selected criteria, normally, cost, availability, locality and reputation, on all suppliers (equipment and services). Key Security Group also retains an approved supplier list (Sage), which is updated as new suppliers are brought on.  Records of these evaluations are retained, although in most cases evaluation is a desktop exercise conducted on the internet.

Sub-Contract labour is only used with the client’s agreement and is provided by similarly approved security companies and subject to our terms and conditions with the certification body.

“Modules” of work (e.g. installation) are subcontracted to companies who have been approved under the BAFE scheme SP 203.

For back-up or monitoring of its own ARC/RVRC alarm systems, Key Security Group will only use other ARCs/RVRCs meeting the requirements of BS5979 Cat II (or European equivalent) and certificated by a certified body.

Purchasing documentation is specific in terms of product description, environmental requirements (as applicable), health and safety controls related to purchased goods, equipment and services, and specification (where appropriate) and services (where appropriate).

All incoming equipment is initially checked for quantity and damage and against the requirement of the purchase order. This is normally carried out at Key Security Group’s premises although, where necessary, it may be done at the site location where it is required to be used.

Other key control aspects include:


  •  The provision of competent staff supported by operational guidance, as necessary

  • Accurate and upto date drawings and specifications, as required

  • Accurate information of the customer, the site, any restrictions etc

  • The provision of suitable software, tools and test equipment

  • The provision of conforming equipment and services

  • Scheduling and monitoring arrangements to ensure contract and statutory requirements are met

  • The implementation of documented procedures to control situations where their absence could lead to deviation from the IMS policy, objectives and targets, and

  • Stipulating the operating criteria in the operational guidance document


Installations shall be carried in accordance with the RAMS, specification, drawings and internal unstructions and operational guidance.


Any issues shall be reported to the Head of Service​. Regular updates and communications shall be filtered through the business.