Risk-based thinking


By considering risk throughout the OHSMS and all of our processes the likelihood of achieving our stated health and safety objectives is improved and outputs are more consistent 

Risk-based thinking:

  • improves governance and prevents or reduces undesired effects

  • establishes a proactive culture of health and safety improvement 

  • assists with statutory and regulatory compliance

  • assures the  OHSMS that it can achieve its intended outcome

  • improves customer confidence and satisfaction with our OHSMS


Risk based thinking is not new and something we do as a matter of course, ensures greater knowledge of risks and improves preparedness, increases the probability of reaching objectives and reduces the probability of negative results.

We shall promote hazard identification and document risks and opportunities when appropriate and shall consider risk and opportunity when embarking on new ventures, taking on new contracts, implementing new processes or technologies and meeting any legal requirements. We shall consider our staff, visitors to our workplace and those in the vicinity of our workplace, including members of the public, where appropriate..

When identify risks and opportunities we shall take appropriate actions, considering best practice and technological solutions.

Actions to Address Risk and Opportunities

We have established OH&S objectives at all levels of our organisation. Our objectives are consistent with our health and safety policy and take into account the particular regulatory requirements that are relevant to our operations. The objectives have targets that are measurable. They are monitored on a regular basis. We have created a strategic scorecard that enables us to measure our performance against OH &S objectives. OH&S objectives are communicated and updated accordingly.


When planning how to achieve OH&S objectives we shall ensure that responsibility is designated and adequate resources are made available for achievement.

Hazard Identification

We have established processes for identifying hazards in a proactive and ongoing manner. We have determined hazard sources as infrastructure, working environment, people, equipment, materials and substances, where they can occur as a single source or combined source. We shall identify any trends from past incidents, societal problems and information from others such as customers, emergency services or competent authority.

Assessment of Risks and Opportunities

We have established processes for assessing risks from the identified hazards, identifying appropriate controls, taking into consideration the effectiveness of existing controls.

Risk assessment shall be proactive and form an integral part of any contract mobilisation. Risk assessments shall be documented and effectively communicated.

We shall make it a priority to eliminate hazards, minimise risk and improve health and safety performance. We shall review working operations, conditions and organization

We shall keep abreast of any new or changes to legislation and maintain a legal register. 

Health and Safety Objectives

reduce work related accidents

reduce vehicle accidents

reduce absence through ill-health

zero health and safety complaints

maintain ISO 45001

health and safety refresher training to all staff