We have determined the resource requirements relevant to our OHSMS. We have determined the people, money, equipment and organisational knowledge required to achieve our OHSMS objectives.


Competence is defined as having the adequate knowledge to spot hazards and determine risks as well as the ability to plan and perform activities that protects the health of our staff, the workers. Competence can be defined in different ways, through education, skills and experience and where appropriate through formal qualifications. We retain external support through our Compliance Partner who enhances our internal experience and skills. Staff competence is enhanced through regular training and refresher skills quizzes. We shall retain documented information of the training conducted. 

Staff are made aware of expectations with regard to contributing to our OHSMS. The health and safety policy, the objectives referred are communicated through the notice board with periodic updates to staff in the field and in the regions. outcomes of incidents and corrective actions are also shared with staff who are advised of the implications of not meeting their health and safety compliance obligations. 

Internal and external reporting and communication channels have been established that allow us to effectively communicate. Internal communication is fed through the supervisory chain for policy, objectives, performance incidents, hazard identification, risk assessment and changes to the OHSMS. External communications with other interested parties outside of the business is generally done by the Managing Director or his deputy, particularly when dealing with the supervisory authority, customers or press. Where appropriate documented information is retained.

Where appropriate, documented information will be made available. This will result from a particular business need, a particular legal requirement or an improvement to our OHSMS. As a minimum the following documented information will be held:

  • risk assessments​

  • health and safety policy

  • risk assessments

  • supplier and sub-contractor qualifications

  • training and competence records

  • accident book


  • legal register

  • COSHH assessments

  • performance results

Documented information shall be appropriately controlled through our internal document library. Dates and issue numbers will identify the particular status of the documented information and description of the purpose of the document will be detailed in the title. Documents can be paper based or electronic.  Retention times will be clearly identified and considered by best practice.